I Bought the Best Jeans Perfect for a Weekend Date through online coupon website


My friends tell me that I look great when am in my casual wear. At least they think so because I am not the so-called suit type of a person. I rarely do suits, unless it is one of those Sundays that the church has special occasions. I am that type of guy who just feels good in jeans, a hot T-shirt and some good-looking white sports shoes. Anything other than this kind of match is rare with me.

My problem

I honestly have a problem with the local market. Their items are quite expensive and the sellers with whom you can bargain prices are always very rare. I am not complaining about the price tag, and if you feel that bargaining is not your thing, then fine, feel free to buy and even ask the seller to keep the balance. For me, I have to bargain. I believe there is no time on sale that is not subject to negotiation. Surprisingly even those people who are buying items for the first time in the clothes market always want a fair price. The goal is always very simple; save some bucks, buy more or maybe use the saved amount for something else.

The good side though

So there was this time I met the hottest chick in town and after asking her out thirty times, she said YES. I think am that kind of dude who does not give up. I kept asking and asking and asking and asking until one day she called me on phone and told me to prepare for a date on the weekend, bill on me, of course.

I have never been on a date before, but what I do know is that people do dress well for the occasion. With only three days left, I knew I did not have enough time to prepare so I had to think first.

Jeans ooh yes, the Jeans. I needed to get a new one ASAP for a weekend date. I wanted a cheap one. It was just in the middle of the month, the boss hadn’t paid and I could not imagine disappointing my date because of less cash in the wallet.

A friend of mine, popularly known to buy things online from Shoppers Stop, told me that if I wanted cheap items, looking online would be the best option. He told me that I could buy a pair of Jeans as well as sexy high-class T-Shirts at up to 30% discount of the actual price tag.

This was too good to be true. He told me that the only best way to find this out would be to try shopping via online coupon site and then decide whether he was telling a lie or the truth. I quickly connected online, and landed on the best platform for the first time in so long. I browsed through the coupons, came across a shopper stop discount coupon and used that to buy the best jeans and t-shirt for the weekend date.

I am happy I had the perfect date, and it was exactly that day that I met with the person who I now call my fiance.

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